South Florida Coast History

South Florida Coastal Areas Overview & History

This area of Florida is not generally referred to by a “Coast” name, but has numerous coastal nature activities which merit inclusion in this Florida Coasts section of Florida Nature Guide.  The areas in this section adjoin the Lee Island Coast to the West and the Gold Coast to the East.  These coastal areas are not known for expanses of sandy beaches, but those of note will be included in these pages along with other gulf-side natural areas.

Off the beaten track and often overlooked by those traveling to or from the better known southwest coastal areas of the state, this area provides abundant recreational opportunities for those willing to “rough it” a bit.  Everglades City is one of the few towns in the area and the upscale lodging and other facilities are not likely to be found, but if you seek to experience the coastal Everglades, this is the place to plan a trip to.


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