Gold Coast History

Florida’s Gold Coast Overview & History

The Gold Coast area of Florida extends through the southeastern coast of the state; along Palm Beach and the Miami area coastlines. The name “Gold Coast” is commonly believed to refer to the value attributed to real estate investment in the area. With the steady increase in population and the relative wealth of both the current and new transplants, the property values have had historically impressive increases. The region is a popular wintertime destination for many visitors and seasonal residents to the state and includes a diverse population mix.

The area along the eastern beaches has become largely known as a playground for the rich and famous and a destination for those seeking fast paced waterfront activities and nightlife. Many of the well-known public beach properties here are targeted more for toward the social interaction rather than the naturalist experience.

Although not generally known for natural, undeveloped beach stretches found in other coastal areas of the state with less metropolitan sprawl and extensive shoreline development, there are still an number of beach-side areas which provide a respite from the fast paced lifestyle common to the area. These coastal areas, which are dotted along more than 65 miles of beautiful sandy shores and crystal clear warm water, can offer a real treat for those who have the opportunity to visit.

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