Manasota Key

Just south of Venice, Florida lies the quiet island of Manasota Key.  This island in Florida’s Cultural Coast is largely residential with the exception of the southern portion; which has more development, including a few condos.  There are also some restaurants and shops in this area.  On the southern tip of the island lies Stump Pass Beach State Park, which has a page dedicated to it on this Florida Nature Guide website.  Additional beaches on this island stretch include Manasota Beach, Blind Pass Park and Chadwick Park Beach.

Although Manasota Beach is a popular beach,  most visitors do not stray far from the main beach area, leaving long stretches of beautiful shoreline to explore and maybe do some beachcombing.  There are some residences beyond the beachside vegetation and some wooden walkovers, but no condos or businesses in the Manasota Beach area; providing a very quiet and relatively secluded experience.

Blind Pass Beach tends to have more coastal vegetation including a great deal of sea grapes along the shoreline.  The wildlife in this area is more notable than that of Manasota Beach including rabbits, gopher tortoises, lizards and a wide variety of birds.  This area provides more opportunities for the naturalist adventures on the island.

The prescence of several beaches in the same general area also provides visitors to this relaxing Florida coastal area with ample opportunity to set their own pace and style of beach adventure.  Manasota Key is one of those Florida Coast destinations which has something to offer any visitor seeking a beach-side adventure to remember.

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