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This “Coastal” section of Florida Nature Guide focuses on the numerous, natural and unspoiled beaches & coastal environments found in Florida.  Within these pages you will find links and information to assist in locating outdoor adventures at or near our beautiful beaches in the less developed, “Old Florida” areas.  Many of these less publicized “secret” “Florida Coast” shoreline destinations provide the best of what Florida has to offer for those seeking a unique beach experience to remember.

Overall Florida Coasts Site Layout, History & Guide:

Florida Beach Map for Florida CoastsThe Coastal Areas in Florida are generally referred to by the following “Coast” names:

This website is designed with this in mind and with additions for South Florida, and Florida Keys coastal sections which are not common names, but are important areas to add for your research.

For our current site map; which provides an overview of the pages, posts, categories and overall site configuration, click on this link to the Florida Nature Guide Coastal Section site map.

Under the “Beaches” page listings, there will sometimes be sub-pages for Florida beaches which are popular destinations, but with fewer “natural” areas available for your recreation.  Although these beaches may have less of an undeveloped character, they remain relatively free of commercial influence and are a prominent destination for those wanting to enjoy the coastal areas of the state. 

When our research locates additional points of interest not directly related to the beach, you will find them under the “Areas of Interest” tabs for the “Florida Coast” area selected.  These destinations, events, or articles are often of great benefit to your overall coastal adventure as well, so be sure to check these areas out when they are available from the drop down menus.  Remember that our research is on-going, and additional items will be added  to the menus continually.

The intent of this website is to provide you with only the most direct links available containing the least advertising distraction.  For this reason, the links available on these pages will often be to local government resources which do not focus exclusively on selling a product or service.  These government sites are frequently local chamber of commerce offices or non-profit organizations, but may include educational, or other agencies.   When a site is available which provides information beneficial to our visitors, those sites will be included in the “Area Resources” tab under the “Florida Coast” area selected. 

As valuable articles, sites or local businesses beneficial for your “Natural Florida” coastal experience are identified, you will  also find them under the “Area Resources” tab for the Florida “Coast” section they are associated with.  These sites include links to area hotels, restaurants, shopping and other activities we have located for your Florida Coast  visit.  This is intended to assist you in setting your own pace and explore the area(s) of interest without confusing pop-ups and unrelated ad links, while still providing some helpful local area research tools for your complete coastal adventure.

Some Florida coastal areas and beach articles within our pages are included with overviews based in part on information provided by other contributors or public resources.  Every effort has been made to provide accurate guidance and information to enhance your beach experience with only first-hand or trusted and unbiased reviews. Please provide us feedback if any of the information is incorrect based on your experience so that we can update our articles.

Help us develop this site by providing feedback and recommendations for additional articles, sites and resources you feel would benefit others by joining as members (free … see “Members” under the Florida Nature Guide home page), using the comment field below, or sending us an email to: email@floridanatureguide.com .

We hope you find these pages to be of great benefit to your beach-side exploration of the Florida coastline.  Happy Florida Beach Hunting!