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Lee Island Coast Areas of Interest

Visitors to Florida’s Lee Island Coast will find the items highlighted within this “areas of interest” section helpful when exploring this unique Florida coastal area. Follow the links provided below for information related to additional places to explore close to the beach which will contribute to making your Lee Island Coast experience a memorable event.

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1. Explore some of the local things to do near Naples with this link to Trip Advisor’s recommendations for the Naples Florida area Naples Things To Do


The areas of interest found featured in this page will include not only the natural, undeveloped areas of Florida’s Lee Island Coast, but also unusual points of interest, events, or other items our research has uncovered which will benefit your coastal adventure. While our focus at Florida Nature Guide is primarily on the “Old Florida” natural environments and character of the state, there are many “must do” or “must see” things along the way. It is our hope to highlight a few within this section.

Be sure to explore the other sections of Florida Nature Guide for additional outdoor recreation available in Florida if your plans include travel away from the Lee Island Coast. We have all the Florida Coasts included in this section, but those seeking nature related activities inland will find our pages for canoeing / kayaking, wildlife viewing, hiking & trails, and the Natural Areas section (where links to all Florida public lands are provided) of great benefit.


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