Little St George Island

Little St. George Island is owned by the state of Florida and operated as the Cape St. George State Reserve by the Department of Environmental Protection.  This area which lies just west of the St. George Island in the Forgotten Coast area of Florida is accessible only by boat and provides visitors with unique Florida wildness experiences.

Those seeking adventures in this coastal island will be able to explore one of the remnants of Florida’s original barrier island landscapes still untouched by development.  The island is the site of the area’s first two lighthouses, built in the early 1800s which were eventually destroyed by storms and erosion.   A third was constructed in 1852 where it stood until 2005 when the years of erosion toppled it also into the Gulf.   Pieces of the original lighthouse were recovered by area history enthusiasts and a replica of the original lighthouse was completed in 2006 where it stands today along with a museum depicting island history.

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