Bald Point

Located just an hour from Tallahassee on the Gulf of Mexico, this pristine coastal area is a naturalist’s paradise.  The park is situated in the eastern most area of Franklin County and is easily accessed by visitors to the area traveling the coastal highway.

In this natural state park, you will find tidal marshes which provide unobstructed views along with feeding grounds for the abundant land animals and seabirds.  Bald eagles, osprey, migrating falcon, gallinules, tricolor herons, limpkins, anhinga, nesting yellow-crowned night herons, pied-billed grebes, and great egrets are just some of the species to be seen.

The area’s coastal marshes, pine flat-woods, and oak thickets help to provide for a diversity of biological communities.  This characteristic makes the park a popular destination for birding and wildlife viewing. In the fall, monarch butterflies are commonly sighted as they head south for the winter.

The park provides two beaches on the Apalachee Bay for related activities along this coast including canoeing, kayaking, hiking, beachcombing and fishing.

bald-point Bald Point State Park

146 Box Cut Road,  Alligator Point, FL

(850) 349-9146


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