Trip to Caspersen Beach

If you’re ever in Venice Florida and want to go to a undeveloped beach let me recommend Caspersen Beach. I have heard it’s great for swimming (nice calm water), but I’m more interested in what’s on the beach. Sharks teeth!!! Just can’t seem to get enough of them & I have hundreds that I have found. It’s awesome…my own little treasure hunt. I will walk for hours just to get as many as I can.

But enough about me, more about this wonderful beach. It’s located at the southern end of harbor Drive, maybe a mile or so south of the pier. No charge to park your car and then take a leisurely stroll on the boardwalk. There’s lots of natural foliage to check out. They also have places for children to play and picnic tables to enjoy a nice snack or meal on.

What can I say…it’s a little bit of everything you could possibly want at the beach!!!

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